Cold Brew


  • Coffee
  • Water


  1. Grind 100 grams (12.5 tablespoons) of coffee to a coarse setting (the consistency of breadcrumbs)
  2. Place ground coffee in a 1L mason jar or pitcher
  3. Introduce cold water and stir to coat all of the grinds evenly.
  4. Cover to prevent fridge aromas from being absorbed into the coffee. Let it infuse for 16 hours.
  5. At 16 hours, line a sieve with a paper filter, and rinse the paper filter with some water.
  6. Pour the cold infused coffee through the paper filter into another resealable receptacle. Do your best to filter out the grinds when you're done. You now have a cold brew concentrate.
  7. To serve, use one portion of concentrate to one portion of water, milk, or milk alternative. Serve in a cup with ice.
Tags: drink